Our Purpose

This congregation exists to aid in sharing the good news to all people in the world on the basis of the holy Scriptures, that Jesus Christ has made all people free of guilt, and, worthy of eternal life with their Creator in heaven.

To accomplish this, we proclaim God's law - His demand that all people be morally perfect; that this is impossible for imperfect human beings; that we cannot in any way make ourselves worthy of God's favor. We also proclaim his Gospel - his solution to our problem being that He loved us so much that rather than have us die because of our imperfection, he instead sent God the Son into our world as Jesus Christ to take our blame and our punishment from God for our imperfection, so that, having punished sin in Christ, God no longer will punish us for our sin, but now declares all people to be innocent on account of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, we strive to strengthen believers' faith in Christ so that they may live for God out of gratitude, and further share the good news of Christ themselves with confidence. This we do through the study of God's Word for every age, and through the use of Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

Thirdly, we provide opportunities for believers to honor and serve God as well as encourage each other through weekly worship, and through the use of their God-given resources and abilities.